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The Holistic Life Force
Psychic Evenings in Yorkshire
The Holistic Life Force

Psychic Medium Gray Davies

Welcome to my Website
    Spiritual Maverick Gray Davies
    Psychic & Medium
    Tarot Reader
    Fully qualified & Registered in the art of Hypnotherapy
    Reiki Master & Teacher & practitioner
    Hopi Ear Candle Practitioner, meridian therapy, hypno-reiki etc
    Spirit Release, negative energy release, spiritual house cleansing & unwanted spirit house guests / ghost
    Energy Worker
    Assistance for children afraid of spirit
    (see childsplay page)
    Spiritual Development Teacher
    Discarder of rule books

    All Enquiries Tel Gray on 07947716706

Private 1 -1 Readings - Skype Readings -
Readings Parties
Bookings now being taken for 2020
Reiki Attunement
Level One
Including certificate, manual & CD
Level Two together with Master Teacher workshop
10am - 4pm
Including certificates, manuals & CD
Lunch & refreshments provided on all workshops
Please use the above form for contact and enquiries
Telephone Gray on 07947716706
or e.mail

The Law of the UK is that all psychic work carries a disclaimer
I must abide by these laws by stating this disclaimer via oral and or written of which I have entered below.
I must also state by law that any psychic work is given for entertainment purposes only.
On this occasion unfortunately I yield, and lay shield to my own bells of truth in doing so.
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If you have chosen to pay for your service via Paypal
Debit or credit card you may do so here

Hello, I am psychic medium Gray Davies and my birth sign is Aries on the cusp with Pisces.
I had a change in life 18 years ago which transformed my entire existence and this was due to two separate incidents within a week’s span which
involved trauma through loss of someone close and my own death experience a few days later. This changed my whole consciousness literally
I did heaps of contemplation over these changes for months before concluding that my sanity was still intact.
I seemed to leap-frog in my progression of my new found spiritual path and very soon was giving readings of psychic, mediumship, tarot, runes and
onward to working within the spiritualist church and audience demonstrations of mediumship.
I have an interest in all areas of the spiritual sphere and 18 years on I am a natural healer, master, teacher and practitioner of Reiki for not just us
human beings, but for the animal kingdom too, along with other holistic therapies. Psychic development teacher, counselling experience, registered
in the art of hypnotherapy and affectionately known among many as The Bee Whisperer because of my affiliation with bee’s and indeed the
fascination people have when they witness my stroking and offering Reiki to them.
I have a close affinity with all creatures and often have a sense of knowing in regards to their health and wellbeing. This also includes us humans of
course and really quite successful in assisting others with their ailments through holistic and alternative means.
refreshment of energy within the home or property. Among my other specialities are spirit release, ghost busting and in particular assisting children
afraid of ghosts, along with clearing and
My other interests are aliens, conspiracy theories and afterlife.
Writing, channelling and poetry is also a great part of my life with many being published in our spiritual papers and magazines.
Although I have researched many subjects over the years, most of my knowledge comes from my own personal experiences. I do not particularly
like the word gifted as I now feel this to be just another sense like any other of our senses, which unlike our animal kingdom we humans seem to
have forgotten.
I am however considered by others to be pretty good at what I do.
I am just an ordinary chap who has been lucky enough to have had my natural psyche opened for me even though I never asked for it, but I am
content with the transformations which enlightened me thus giving me the ability to assist others
Audience demonstrations of Mediumship
for pubs, clubs, venues, corporate, charity events and Spiritualist Churches

Proprietors, landlords, corporate and business owners
We have an exclusive take on our audience evenings with a difference and go above and beyond the usual psychic night experience
This ensures your evening is a success
Plus we assist in maximizing this success in reflection to your profits and at no cost to yourself
If you require further information please give me a call